Danfoss Universe

5 07 2011

Today we are spending the day at Danfoss Universe – an experimentamium that is is a 50 minutes ferry ride from the summerhouse. Nolan and Sem and Brenda and William have been visiting us the whole last weekend and tomorrow we will be off to the Netherlands.






19 06 2011

After a long and tough shopping day with my friend Ann we are now back in the summerhouse where we are arranging some of our purchases from Ikea. We have bought some extra chairs but as they are so nice we are thinking oh having them as our everyday chairs. We have also bought some lamps and some plates and other stuff. Tomorrow I will start to put up some binding wallpaper and after that paint the place.


Summer approaching

16 06 2011

Although I have already been in Denmark for some time now the real holiday is only approaching now. I just talked to Lieke, Liva and Joop gor more than an hour – next week they will be in New Delhi right now waiting for their plane to Doha and on to Copenhagen. With their arrival the real holiday will of course start – I hope that I will be finished with the renovation at that time. Although the weather does not signal the beginning of summer quite yet (it seem to be turning right now for a weekend of rain here on Fyn) the garden is starting to put on it’s summer colors. In our courtyard the roses have just started to be in full bloom.


Calling the kids

15 06 2011

With Lieke being in Sri Lanka and me in Denmark the kids are home alone with Lily and Rama and I therefore try to call them a bit more often. However, as the coverage with 3G out by the summerhouse is pretty bad I have to take the computer with me and cycle to Faaborg whenever I want to Skype them. I have skyped from the most strange places – I have done it from the parking lot in front of the supermarket and from a bench at a bus stop. However, knowing that I have to call the kids I might as well take advantage of the nice nature around Faaborg. On the picture below you see the spot from where I called the kids yesterday.


Room with a view

11 06 2011

Tonight is raining and this is the view from our bedroom


The progress

11 06 2011

Brian, the carpenter that I had hired has finished off most of the living room and has left me with a few bigger jobs and the finer details – today I will fill up all the gaps and small drill holes left on the walls – Brian suggested that I do this three times and then I will finish the only major job I have left in the living room – I will need to put up the last couple of plates – as there was no room for insolation next to the kitchen we have opted for glueing the plates directly on the walls – I am still a bit stressed over this as it is a very old house and I could be nervous for how much of the walls the glue will bind to.


And here we go

10 06 2011


So finally we have started the renovation of the house and I am really impressed how far we have gotten on the first day. Today we managed to remove all the wall plates in the the living room, put up a wooden skeleton and the insolation and begin creating the new wall. With this speed we will be almost finished tomorrow afternoon and I can move on to painting and doing the windows.